Birding in Cambodia with our expert guides

Cambodia Bird Guide Association owes its DNA to countless people across the planet whom dedicate their lives to protecting our non-human inhabitants. To all those working in the wild, we pay tribute to you and thank you for being the inspiration behind Cambodia Bird Guide Association.

CHEN Sophal

Sophal known as Naran was born and grew up in Siem Reap, Cambodia and spend all his life around the country for his surviving. Having joined the conservation group for the last 6 years as a bird guide and found it very interesting and enjoyable. He dreams of saving the remaining nature resources of Cambodia by sharing all his knowledge and experiences through environmental education to the young generation and help the local communities with alternative livelihood.


Chea has spent most his life in the country with the conservation activities and local communities for 10 years. He started working for conservation and birding with international birder in 2007, he is passionate on wildlife and nature. He mainly likes bird watching activities and wildlife viewing around Cambodia and abroad.  Chea has trained bird identification skill and environmental education program in Siem Reap and in the protected area to inspire young generation to get to love the world that support our lives, mainly environment clean, wildlife protection and sustainable livelihood. He gets a lot of experiences about conservation and bird watching activities.

SANH Sophoan

Sophoan Sanh (SO) is one of the top bird guide in Cambodia who has lots of experiences in leading trips across Cambodia. She has been a temple guide as well as a bird guide since 2004 and worked with communities and other stakeholders at various areas. Her passion is to help develop skills to communities and conservation which is part of the reason she joined CBGA. She loves sharing her knowledge about nature and wildlife to all her clients, and she also like travelling abroad to improve her knowledge and making friends around the world. She is really talented at skills and very attentive both in the office and out in the field. She is one of the guide you should meet at CBGA.

KOUR Chamnan

Chamnan (Neay Phu) has spent most of his life in the courntry side and 3 years woth conservation projects and remote communities inside the protected areas in Cambodia. Having grown up in a village of Siem Reap, Cambodia, he is a passionate advocate for the wilderness. Chamnan has always been focused on inspiring and educating people about the wild and conservation through his many ventures. His lifelong desire is to ensure that he leaves the world in a better natural state for his kids and future generations that follow.


Nara Duong is our Senior Bird Guide and strong conservationist. He joined conservation work in 2007 and has led many birding groups, including tours for BirdQuest, Vent and Avifauna along with many individual birders. He loves exploring new things, meeting people and taking them to see his nature and culture. He will do his best to find specific birds that his clients want to see. Nara is excellent at bird call, he can almost identify all the species by their call. He strongly believes that alternative livelihood is the only way to change the behaviors of villagers to support conservation and wildlife and its habitats protection.


Yeat is a bird guide at Cambodia Bird Guide Association, he has joined the conservation team since 2015 and help trained guides and educated students on environment at schools and universities both in Siem Reap and remote communities. Having grown up in Chikreang approximately 70 km from the center of Siem Reap, moving to live Siem Reap for education. He graduated Bachelor Degree of Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Languages, majored in Teaching English as Foreign Language (TEFL) in early 2017. He used to be a teacher of English at private schools. He loves nature and wildlife and wants to protect  them.

SENG Raksa

Raksa (Sales and Marketing Manager) is originally from Phnom Penh; she moved to live in Siem Reap in 2003 with her family. Since 2007 from her desk, she has been doing her career as a travel organizer designing and customizing birdwatching tours for groups and individuals to Cambodia, with her passion in helping tourists get their best experience; supporting the wildlife conservation; and sightseeing local communities at the protected areas are getting benefits through this ecotourism. For free time, she like reading, shopping and go sighting with her friends to Angkor Wat and forests. She can be contacted at sales@birdguideasso.org 

Johnny ORN

Johnny Orn was born in 1970s and moved to the refugee camp in his early age till 1991. He was then captured by remnant Khmer Rouge to serve the service in Pailin City during his mining for ruby till 1996 when he had to walk a 90km with his friend back to Battambong to see his family. Johnny was a teacher for primary school for 3 years, 1 year with the military police, and as a teacher of English from 2003-2005 before he was selected to be the a director of International language School till he joined the conservation group in 2009. While he was teaching, he is a licensed guide and guided for various tour companies and hotels in Siem Reap. He became a Program and Stakeholder Manager of Sam Veasna Center in 2011 and promoted to be the director of the same organization by its board in April 2012 and resigned from this position in November 2016. He has led many tours across Cambodia which are from both specialized and non-specialized tour companies. He loves meeting people and sharing ideas and experiences which is part of his decision to be a guide.


Brak has been working as bird Guide since 2014. Now He has started working for Cambodian Bird Guide Association. Anyways, He quite enjoys working there because, He love birds and wildlife conservation. The best experiences for him of working as bird watcher by leading tour to many different birding sites and met more new people. And the best achievement for him was much more understand clearly about educational bird watching sites and experience to desire new places. He also found his favorite bird as Kingfisher. He could say that it was the best memory that he had never have. In his opinion, he thinks it is very precious for bird watcher and conservationist to prevent the wildlife in Cambodia, because in the meantime there are not many organizations whose assist in this field work yet.

NOP Pisey

Pisey (Bookings Manager) is originally from Takeo Province, she moved to live in Siem Reap in 2011. She has been working with her career as a booking tours arranger for groups and individuals in Cambodia since 2013. She graduated Bachelor Degree of Faculty of Tourism Management in 2015. She loves nature and wildlife and wants to protect them. Her passion is to help tourists to get their best experience, supporting the wildlife conservation and sightseeing local communities at the protected areas are getting benefits through this ecotourism which is a part of the reason, she joined CBGA.  She dreams of saving the remaining nature resources of Cambodia by sharing all her knowledge and experiences through environmental education to the young generation and help the local communities with alternative livelihood.

She can be contacted at reservations@birdguideasso.org

PROHM Chanthea

A 33-year old friendly Chanthea known as Thea is one the potential guides of CBGA. He joined birding team in 2014 and has led many tour trips across Cambodia while he was working to one of the local birding organization. He loves conservation and working with the remote communities in order to support and transfer his skills to improve standard of living and knowledge of wildlife conservation. He also loves a kind father of 3 kids and good husband with respect within his community and friends. His passion is to meet people around the world to gain more ideas and experiences for his job and showing the great biodiversity and cultures to his audiences from all around the world.

CHHOUN Kunthea

Kunthea is a senior bird guide in Cambodia and now work for Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA). She enjoys working here because, she loves nature and guiding job, and meet new people. She has been working as bird guide since 2012. She also have been working for bird survey and environmental education with government schools. During her career, she also been to Thailand, Laos and Malaysia. It was really amazing time for her to visit those countries.


Chhoum has joined conservation work as bird guide since 2015, he loves this job so much, because it makes him understand about wildlife and nature conservation in Cambodia. Now he is still studying about bird identification and leading trip to see wildlife and nature at the countryside and forest as well. He hopes in the future, There are many people come to see wildlife in Cambodia to provide job to the communities or people whose are living around the conservation area. He has joined the environmental education program at the public and private school to inspire young generation get to love bird, wildlife and environment clean. Now he works as bird guide for Cambodia Bird Guide Association.

HUTH Lean (Stephen)

Lean Huth was born in the countryside about 60 km from Siem Reap town and has moved to live in Siem Reap town since 2005 for education. He has been working as a bird guide since 2014. He loves this job because; he loves travelling and nature conservation, likes educate local people and kids to love natures and environment. In his free time he loves bird watching and research of nature. He is a keen bird guide and patient in the field and has been travelling to Thailand and Malaysia for bird watching. He has led many tours across Cambodia either private or international tour company with good experience and has work with many different stakeholders and local communities to improve the eco-tourism services. 

SAN Sikol (Srun)

SAN Sikol (Srun) is one of the senior bird guides of Cambodia Bird Guide Association. At the moment he is studying butterfly, dragonfly, plant and orchid etc. This means that he also leads trips for nature lovers. He has been to Thailand, Malaysia, Laos for his bird watching trips and learn from their countries to fulfill his bird watching skill and conservation work. He started his job as a bird guide with Sam Veasna Center in 2010. So far he has been working and leading trips for international specialised tour operators such as FIELDGUIDE, AVIFAUNA, YBIRD where he learns a lot of skills and knowledge from their tour leaders, and other birders to various sites throughout Cambodia. He has also involved in environmental education project with public schools where he shares his knowledge and experiences among Cambodian youth. For community ecotourism development, he has done many trainings for service improvement such as cooking and restaurant management, lodging and local guiding. Moreover he also trained other Cambodian to be bird guides too. As he likes nature and has a dream to support local people and save wildlife, he finds that ecotourism (bird watching) is the right way that can lead for the success of his dream to become truth. Srun and his wife, Kunthea CHHOUN also train their kids to be bird watchers. They always take them for birding around Siem Reap where they are living and some places across Cambodia.

Pech Mogn

Pech was born in 1984; he is the original Siem Reap citizen. He has been working as bird guide since 2014. He loves this job because he could help his country through bring tourists to visit and support to local community, wildlife conservation and explore new experiences with a lot of people. In free time I like birding and travelling to explore new site. Pech is our coordinator and bird guide at our eastern plains, Jahoo Gibbon Camp Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri.

Sreymom Muth

Sreymom used to work at Sam Veasna Center for 2 year. Now she works for Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA), it is the non-profit organization which works on the conservation of wildlife, birds, forest, and others natural resources. The best achievement for her to work at CBGA as she gains more understand about bird educational sites, guiding skill, communication skill. And she also has really best experience to joined supper tour, travelling to birding places, team work, and so on.