សមាគម មគ្គុទ្ទេសក៍ សត្វស្លាប កម្ពុជា


Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision is "to conserve the world's wildlife and nature environment for future generations".

Protecting and conserving the world’s wild places and charismatic species by preserving their natural habitats to ensure the future of our planet. A belief to reconnecting people with the wonders of the natural world to help each of us discover the wilderness within.

Our Mission is "helping people get best experience with wildlife and nature while supporting locals"

To secure parts of identified green belts around Cambodia to protect the rich biodiversity of these areas as a way of conserving wildlife, while creating research and experience opportunities for people to reconnect with nature and to become inspired to protect it as well as encouraging sustainable ecotourism within protected areas of Cambodia to generate funds to support conservation and local communities in partnership with the Cambodian Government Agencies and local communities.

Our Story

CBGA was created by a group of passionate conservationists who are committed to helping educate people about the wild and working to ensure that our planet is protected for future generations. CBGA was founded by Chen Sophal and Seab Chea, who together with their team, are concerned about the perils facing Cambodia’s wild places and are actively working on ways to make a difference.

In response to the objectives and vision and to sustain our project ecotourism is chosen as a tool to implement and achieve our goals, which we believe that through our initiatives we can change the way of life of people inside the protected areas to love nature and join the conservation projects run by other organization and government in a sustainable way and mitigate the misuse of natural resources tied with agreements within stakeholders.

Our Story
CBGA's Partners & Cooperations

CBGA's Partners & Cooperations

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ministry of Environment of Cambodia on the Cooperation in the Field of Environment.

Having collaboration partnership with 8 different local communities across 5 provinces and the sub-government levels.

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