Group picture of 12th PBF

Philippines has celebrated its Bird Festival every year since 2007 in different locations across the country in order to expand the knowledge of birds and awareness of conservation of wildlife to people in the country. This year May 2018, the 12th Philippine Bird Festival celebrated in Tacurong of Mindanao Island under the preparation of Wild Bird Club of the Philippines with support from the local government of SOXEGEN.

Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA) was invited to the event among a few foreign countries – Taiwan, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, and CBGA represented Cambodia. All participants shared ideas on how ecotourism should work and experiences in conservation at different level and stages which benefited to audiences from different sectors and we hope that such events would continue to happen across the countries in the world especially in ASEAN countries to keep the connection and share knowledge and experiences.

Group picture at Bird Sanctuary

12th PBF Pirate

12th PBF

CBGA’s booth

Birdwatching at sanctuary

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