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Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA)

CBGA is a local organization founded in December 2016 by a group of enthusiastic birdwatchers and conservationists who have experience for over 11 years in the field of birdwatching and wildlife conservation in Cambodia.  We commit to educate people about wildlife and conservation and are actively working on ways to make a difference.

To assist our vision to conserve the world’s wildlife and natural environment for future generations, we have chosen responsible Ecotourism to assist our projects in wildlife conservation, local livelihood development, and environmental education to be sustained. We believe that through our initiatives we can change the thought of local people living inside the protected areas to value on their forest and wildlife and join the conservation projects in a sustainable way to reduce the misuse of natural resources, which at the same time will help their livelihood for better.


CBGA Vision

Vision “to conserve the wildlife world and natural environment for future generations”

We are eager to see natural habitats preserved well for the harmony of wildlife that future generations still able to look after. Conservation is one of the good practices to ensure the future of our planet while protecting the habitats and educating people to preserve nature can help us discover the wild

CBGA Mission

Mission “To generate funds through ecotourism that involves local communities in wildlife protected areas, to show people the value of wildlife and natural habitats in order to sustain wildlife conservation in Cambodia.”

We promote ecotourism to generate fund to support our projects for wildlife conservation, improve local livelihood, and provide environmental education. We work closely with local communities, authority, and wildlife conservation organizations to secure parts of identified greenbelt forest around Cambodia available in rich biodiversity for our wildlife in harmony.

CBGA Projects


CBGA bird guides & office staffs are inspired to promote conservation protecting the wild places for endangered species by operating our ecotourism project.

Our Partners

Partners, supporters, and donors are key elements to help CBGA operate our activities in every field. CBGA has worked with various collaborations from the honor support from the Ministry of Environment, local communities, wildlife conservation organizations, and to birding tour operators.

Ministry of Environment
Hanuman Travel
Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
Field Guides Birding Tours Worldwide
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