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Asian Golden Weaver in Siem Reap

Asian Golden Weaver in Siem Reap

Exciting discovery – Nest belonging to the Asian Golden Weaver found near Siem Reap.

On June 16th, members of the Cambodia Bird Guide Association found around 50 nest sites, close to Siem Reap.  And earlier on May 30th, a pair of birds, in breeding plumage, was also spotted at Tumnop Chen or Atoa (Udormeanchey), about 150Km from Seim Reap.

This indicates that the population of this near threatened species are nesting later in the year and in different locations.
Normally nest sites are spotted at Kratie or Pursat, between January and February.

This discovery, near Siem Reap, is unusual because it is of evidence of a changing pattern of behaviour and breeding.
We will keep you posted on further developments and new sightings of this rare bird.

You can also find Asian Golden Weaver in Siem Reap.

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