Asian Golden Weaver

Asian Golden Weaver

Ploceus hypoxanthus


Identification: Size: 15cm.

The breeding male is generally bright yellow with a black mask.

Females, non-breeding males and young birds are dull colored and difficult to distinguish from the Baya Weaver, with their thicker bills being the only thing that sets them apart. In general, Asian golden weavers are considered medium-sized birds with yellow and black upperparts, along with yellow underparts. They possess a black face, a yellow crown, a strong black bill.

Habitat: Lowlands, always close to water: in marshes, rice paddies and flooded grasslands.

Ecology: Asian Golden Weavers are primarily presumed residents, meaning they are often found in their most comfortable locations. The most common habitats of the Asian golden weaver would include the lowlands, usually those with close proximity to water; some of these areas would involve marshes, rice paddies, flooded grasslands, and swamps. In addition, this weaver feeds mainly on seeds, and during breeding, insects usually account for only 7% of their diet.

Conservation status: Near Threatened

Where to find:  Phnom Krom Marshland, Kratie, Ang Trapeang Thmor


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