Bird Guides

Johnny - CBGA Director

Johnny Orn (Sambovannak Orn)

Co-founder to build up skills and knowledge in conservation work to young generations for sustainable green development to decrease the level of natural heritage destruction

Sophal CHEN - Guide Naran - birding guide in Cambodia

Naran (Sophal Chen)

Sophal CHEN known as Naran – a senior guide and co-founder of CBGA. Years of bird guiding, Naran has grown his interest also in bird photography for Cambodia

Sikol San (Srun) - CBGA field guide and staff

Srun (Sikol San)

A senior guide and office staff, started birding since 2010 for many tours for both individual birdwatchers and groups from international birding companies

Chea Seab - Senior Guide

Chea Seab

A senior guide and co-founder of CBGA. Chea has been contributing to projects and sharing knowledge to others by coordinated on the training

Pech Mogn - Guide & Office Staff

Pech Mogn

Pech coordinates with guides’ training and communities’ work. He had worked a lot in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary and has become expert in birding and trekking

Sophoan Sanh - CBGA, Cambodia birding, Tour Leader

Sophoan Sanh

A senior guide, tour leader, and temple guide, Sophoan guides birding tours since 2006 and is known one of the best bird guides for Cambodia.

Nara Duong - CBGA senior bird guide

Nara Duong

A senior guide and tour leader of CBGA, Nara has great advantage in bird calls, has led many birding groups like for BirdQuest, Wings, Vent, Avifauna

Kunthea Chhoun - Bird Guide

Kunthea Chhoun

Is one of CBGA key persons, she coordinates the environmental education program, been guiding all over in Cambodia and met many great birdwatchers

Lean Huth - CBGA bird guide

Lean Huth

Lean began his work as a bird guide in 2014, and worked closely with local guides. He can do bird guiding and temple guiding to Angkor Wat complex

Prohm Chanthea, Thea - CBGA bird guide in Siem Reap

Chanthea Prohm

An enthusiastic and hardworking person,Thea became a bird guide since 2014 and dramatically improved his birding and guiding skill

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