Bird Photography Tours

Bird Photography Tours in Cambodia


Our bird photography tours cover all levels, from amateur to professional.  You will be guided by a CBGA photographer and taken to some of Cambodia’s best birding locations. Here you will be given tips and techniques on how to capture great images of Cambodia’s avian population.

We have a number of specially located hides, and we can also create pop-up hides, to get you as close to the birds as possible. We will provide you with food, water and walkie-talkies, while you are in the hide, so as not to disturb the birds. If your interest is in photographing a particular species, contact us so we discuss your specific needs.

Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA) offers an assortment of approaches to enhance your photography aptitudes with the direction of a CBGA photographer. The majority of our photography programs are intended for amateur photographers of all levels intrigued by enhancing their abilities.

On our photography endeavors you’ll learn tips and techniques while investigating pleasant spots with a CBGA photographer. Additionally, all explorers on board the CBGA armada are joined by a guaranteed photograph trainer; and a CBGA photographer joins each campaign on board the Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA).




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