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Cambodia Bird Guide Association is a local NGO provides birding and wildlife viewing tours in Cambodia in order to sustain wildlife conservation, improving the livelihood of locals living in the protection area, and also raising awareness of the environment in Cambodia.

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Birding Cambodia

Birding in Cambodia, Southeast Asia, with professional bird guides from the Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA), based in Siem Reap,…

3 weeks ago

Asian Golden Weaver in Siem Reap

Exciting discovery - Nest belonging to the Asian Golden Weaver found near Siem Reap. This indicates that the population of…

10 months ago

“Birds of Cambodia” is coming Soon

Birds of Cambodia features 636 species 1300 illustrations 600 distribution maps, covering status, habitat behaviour, sex geographical variation, voice, and…

11 months ago

Join us on Global Big Day 4 May 2019

Join CBGA team on the Global Big Day, 4th May 2019 to Phnom Krom Marshland. You are welcomed to freely…

11 months ago

Event: Good Deeds Day

Join Us Now! On Sunday 31st March 2019, CBGA will organize a Good Deeds Day at Phnom Krom Marshland -…

1 year ago

People & Culture Tour Preparation

This tour will allow tourists to experience Cambodian's local livelihood and the culture of Khmer people, as well as having…

1 year ago

Environmental Education Program

Environmental Education Program is to spread the awareness of importance of protecting environment promote the sustainable use of natural resources…

2 years ago

1st Asian Youth Leader Conference at Busan

The event was held on 07-10 August 2018 Upo Wetland [EAAF096], Changnyeong, Republic of Korea, organized by Gyeongsangnamdo Ramsar Environmental…

2 years ago

Snake Released

On Monday 30, July 2018, we went to the forest at East Gate of Angkor Thom temple to release a…

2 years ago