Sign Board at Tmatboey

Giant Ibis Nest Protection

This Giant Ibis’s nest protection now two chicks hatched successfully. This is a good news about success in supporting conservation. Today community is making hide for observation to reduce disturbance to the Ibis

Sign Board at Tmatboey

Installing Bird Watching Map at Tmatboey

According to the request from Tmatboey Community, CBGA also aims to support community and to make it easier for bird watchers who stay at Tmatboey Community so CBGA has funded this bird watching map. This map will help a lot for local community to show the birding spots to tourists.

set up hide for White-winged Duck observation

Improve the facilities at Dongplet Community-Okoki

To improve the facilities at Dongplet Community-Okoki for this tourist season, CBGA recently has funded to clear the camping area, dining table, bridge building and set up hide for White-winged Duck observation.

8th Asian Bird Fair in Ulsan, South Korea

8th Asian Bird Fair in Ulsan

The event was held in November 17-21, 2017 at Ulsan Metropolitan City, Korea (ROK). This event aims to promote the environmental protection of birds by encouraging birdwatching, responsible ecotourism activities and appreciation of birds in the Asian region.

Tmatboey community meeting with all partners

Tmatboey Community Meeting With All Partners

The team joined the meeting with community and all relevant partners to discuss subject matters about upcoming birding season. Community’s new camping facility is almost finished and our guides also helped this work.

Local Guide Training

Local guiding training to Tmatboey community

CBGA held local guiding training to Tmatbeoy community ahead of the coming tourist season. A big thanks to the community members to facilitate and provide CBGA team the needs during this course and hope you will provide CBGA’s clients with GREAT services!

The Big Sit 2017 At Kbal Spean

CBGA guides spending the whole day for the Big Sit 2017. We went to Kbal Spean, located about 50 km from Siem Reap town, an hour and half drive. It was much fun to be out for birding with the team! Happy The Big Sit 2017!

Release bird to the wild

Releasing Birds To The Wild After Completed Recovery

CBGA partnered Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity under collaboration from officials of Chikreang environment office confiscated 12 Lesser Adjutants from villagers who had taken from their nests at Prey Pros village, Sangvaeuy Commune, Chi Kreang District, Siem Reap Province.

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