Butterfly Tour in Cambodia, Southeast Asia

If you are interested in butterflies, CBGA has the tour for you.  A key member of our office staff and experienced bird guide, Srun, has been identifying and cataloguing many of the species of butterfly, found around Siem Reap, over the last year. His wife and fellow CBGA guide, Kunthea, has been working closely with him on this project. Many of the locations that we visit for birding – such as, Angkor, Changkran Roy, Kbal Spean and Phnom Krom – also harbour a wide variety of butterflies. We can offer a variety of butterfly tours to these sites, as well as customised research expedition tours. 

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Varin, Siem Reap 2 days 1 night
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Angkor Site, Siem Reap 1 day
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Kbal Spean, Siem Reap 1 day

Butterfly species found in Siem Reap

Great Orange Awlet (Burara etelka etelka), White Imperial (Neomyrina nivea), Commander (Moduza procris procris), Marble Map (Cyrestis cocles – earli & natta), Clipper (Parthenos sylvia gambrisius), Tailed Jay (Graphium agamemnon agamemnon), Fivebar Swordtail (Graphium antiphates pompilius), Spotted Jay (Graphium arycles sphinx), Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya),  Common Nawab (Polyura athamas), Knight (Lebadea martha), Club Silverline (Cigaritis syama), Clipper (Parthenos sylvia gambrisius), Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon), Red-spot Marquis (Euthalia recta), Gaudy Baron (Euthalia lubentina lubentina), Common Cruiser (Vindula erota erota), Spot Swordtail (Graphium nomius), The Blue Helen (Papilio prexaspes) and the Yellow Orange Tip (Ixias pyrene

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