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People & Culture Tour Preparation

People & Culture Tour Preparation

CBGA teams went on for the preparation for our People and Culture Tour. It is one of the new tour types from Cambodia Bird Guide Association that we are going to introduce for our guests from this coming year.

This new project of eco-tourism will help local communities to welcome tourists to their villages for the local people to have an extra source of income directly from the tourists and to raise community fund for their local community development.

This tour will allow tourists to experience Cambodian’s local livelihood and the culture of Khmer people, as well as having a direct interaction with the local people during their visit.

This project will be started with two-neighbors villages first nearby Siem Reap where villagers are still keeping their ancestor’s practices for making their living such as, blacksmithing, making incense sticks, making housewares products and handicraft souvenir products from vines, traditional weaving, collecting palm juice, making palm sugar, making Khmer noodles, making sticky rice cake in bamboo, and many more activities.










Environmental Education Program

Environment issues are the focused attentions and actions for all. The degradation of wildlife and biodiversity habitat, lands and water is key challenges. Its consequences particularly affect the lives of rural communities who depend on natural resources: fuelwood, crops and fish for subsistence and income.

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Joining 1st Asian Youth Leader Conference at Busan

It is a great honor for Cambodia Bird Guide Association and the collaborative student of Suvannaphumi to participate in 1st Asia Youth Leader Conference at Busan. The event was held on 07-10 August 2018 Upo Wetland [EAAF096], Changnyeong, Republic of Korea, organized by Gyeongsangnamdo Ramsar Environmental Foundation (GREF) and sponsored by the EAAFP.

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Snake Released

On Monday 30, July 2018, we went to the forest at East Gate of Angkor Thom temple to release a snake which we got it from Mr. Oem Koemly who caught it when it got into his house located near Psar Leu, Siem Reap town. Since he did not want to harm the snake and wanted to save it from others who could kill and eat it, he called to CBGA team.

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The Bengal Florican Release

Do you still remember the Bengal Florican from Sankor Commune Kompong Svay District in Kompong Thom Province that we rescued last month with ACCB? After great care and treatment by Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB), it is now fully recovered, and we are so glad to inform our friends that it is ready to go back into the wild.

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Rescue Oriental Bay Owl at Changkran Roy

On 17, July 2018, we went to Chongkran Roy Community located in Varin District, Siem Reap Province, north-west Cambodia. CBGA team accommpanied with our partner ACCB were there to rescue an Oriental Bay Owl, one of rare nocturnal creature which is the key bird that bird watcher wants to see. This visit is upon to the call yesterday evening from the Community chief to us said that they found the bay owl on the tree just one meter height from the ground and it didn’t fly even people walked close to it.Read More

Making a dam for a baray in Tmatboey

One 25, June 2018, CBGA team went to Tmatboey (a flagship birdwatching site in Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary), to help the site committees building up the dam at a baray. This small project is done for the purpose of keeping the water stays longer in the baray until the end of the dry season (April), preventing this pond from drying out too fast. This project will benefit wildlife and birds specially the critically endangered Giant Ibis and White-shouldered Ibis that would come to drink and find their food in dry season.

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Rescue critically endangered Bengal Florican

Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA) received a critically endangered Bengal Florican (male) on June 8th 2018 from Sankor Authority (Mr. San Ken) who posted on facebook page this morning looking for rescue team to save this bird.
CBGA team contacted him immediately for detail and went straight away to get the bird and brought it to Siem Reap then passed to ACCB for rescue.

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World Environmental Day Event

Here we are at the Siem Reap International Airport (international arrival hall) joining the World Environmental Day event under invitation from Soulcial Trust collaborate with Siem Reap International Airport from 4th to 8th June. If you happen to arrive in Siem Reap airport during these dates from 10am to 8pm, please also visit us at the booth, we would be so glad to see you all.

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Asian Eco-tourism Network (AEN) Board Meeting

CBGA joined the Asian Eco-tourism Network (AEN) board meeting for a discussion on variety of topics on sustainable and responsible tourism for Asia as a whole and MoU signing ceremony between AEN and the government of Thailand for enforcing sustainable standards in tourism sectors.

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