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CBGA office staffs and field guides are inspired to promote conservation protecting the wild places for endangered species by operating our ecotourism project. We commit to educate people about wildlife and conservation and are actively working on ways to make a difference.

Johnny - CBGA Director

Johnny Orn – CBGA Chairman

Johnny ORN the managing director and co-founder for Cambodia Bird Guide Association was born in Battambang province during the Pol Pot regime. He was moved to a refugee camp at an early age until 1991 when he was captured by remnant Khmer Rouge to serve the service in Pailin City for ruby mining until 1996 when he could escape and had to walk 90km with his friend back to Battambang to see his family.

Before he started to join the wildlife conservation in 2009 as a bird guide at Sam Veasna Center, Johnny first was a teacher for primary school for 3 years; 1 year in military; an English teacher in 2003-2005 and then as a director for the same school (International Language School) and he was also a licensed temple guide back then.

By his hardworking, passion, and enthusiasm during his bird guiding when he led many birding tours across Cambodia, and was offered a position as the Program and Stakeholder Manager in 2011 at Sam Veasna Center, and in that following year he was promoted by the board to be the director for the center from April 2012 to November 2016. Even though, many significant works have accomplished it is still not enough for him so he decided to join Cambodia Bird Guide Association to continue his passion for wildlife conservation, environmental education, and local livelihood which all these can be achieved via eco-tourism. His mission to build up skills and knowledge in conservation work to young generations in Cambodia. And to him, Cambodia needs sustainable green development to decrease the level of destruction of natural heritage, together with CBGA he believes it would happen.

Johnny has many pieces of training such as the recent Global Sustainable Development and Green Destination Policy in 2018 and won its certificate.

Johnny is a strong conservationist, yet easy to get along with and good in leadership and communication allowing him to have a wide communication and connection worldwide with birders and ornithologists. He loves birding, traveling, and meeting people around the world and introduce to them on how beautiful Cambodia is. He went on missions adding up knowledge about birds and conservation. During his work, he has traveled to some countries such as Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippine, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and England.

Sophoan Sanh - CBGA Tour Leader

Sophoan Sanh – Senior guide

Sophoan (So),  a senior guide, tour leader, and temple guide.

Sophoan was born in Pursat and moved to Siem Reap at an early age. She has guided birding tours since 2006 and is known so far as one of the best bird guides for Cambodia.

She is superb to quickly spot and identify the birds, and is very capable to work very well with her birders clients. She used to work as the local guide for many companies such as  Albatros, Birdquest, Rockjumper, Zoothera, wings, etc. Apart from birds, she is also interested in Dragonflies.

Like meeting people and taking them to see birds and nature, Sophoan often travels to other countries especially in Southeast Asia to do birding. This is also making strengthen her capability to also take bird guiding tours to those countries.

Beside of bird and temple guiding, Sophoan is actively joined in all of CBGA projects especially the Environmental Education Program and bird guide training both in class and to the field.

Nara Duong - CBGA senior bird guide

Nara Duong – Senior guide

Nara is one of the senior bird watchers and guides, grew up in a rural area in Siem Reap province.  He started his birding and guiding into nature in 2007. He has led many birding groups, including tours for BirdQuest, Wings, Vent, Avifauna, along with many individual birders. Experienced for 12 years makes him advance at bird call – he is able to identify almost all the bird species only by their calls. His current bird list is now 507 out of 620 species of Cambodia.

Nature and wildlife created him to be a high passionate conservationist. He believes together with CBGA team to promote ecotourism helping communities, the wildlife conservation in Cambodia will work best to protect the forest and wildlife on this planet.

Nara loves birding, traveling, meeting people and excited in taking them to see the wonderful nature and culture of his country.

Nara coordinates the bird call and mammal identification class, and also in charge of all the programs activities at CBGA.

Chea Seab - Senior Guide

Chea Seab – Senior Guide & Office Staff

Chea Seab – a senior guide and co-founder of CBGA.

Chea lives with his wife and two children in Siem Reap. He has been birding since the age of 19 after finished high school – Sarus Crane is the bird of motivation to attract him to do birdwatching. Chea started guiding in 2009 and later promoted as a senior bird guide in 2014 after successfully guided for many big groups with long itineraries.

He has a high skill in bird identification and would work the hardest to find target species for his clients. As a co-founder of CBGA, he thinks it is important that people get the best experience and get inspired by nature, for them to support wildlife conservation and sustainable livelihood for local communities.

Beside of guiding, Chea has been contributing his time to CBGA’s projects and sharing his rich knowledge to others by coordinated on the training of cross-culture, entomology, butterfly, plant for the guides. He has been in Malaysia for Bird Race, the Philippines for Philippines Bird Festival, Laos for Inspection Bird Trip, and Thailand and Singapore for exploring.

Sophal CHEN (Naran) senior guide and co-founder

Naran – Senior guide

Sophal CHEN known as Naran – a senior guide and co-founder of CBGA.

Naran was born and grew up in Siem Reap province. He joined the conservation group in 2012 as a bird guide and since then found it very interesting and enjoyable. Joining CBGA give him the chance to continue his support to wildlife conservation and for the local people living in the protected areas for alternative livelihood, while having a fun time taking birdwatchers around in the country to see the rare birds.

After many years of guiding and got quite many trips with bird photographers, Naran has grown his interest also in bird photography which he now also has his own photo album of birds in Cambodia.

Nowadays Naran is living in Siem Reap with his wife and their son, with their house close to Angkor Wat temple 7km from Siem Reap town. Beside of guiding Naran sometimes works as a driver for CBGA’s tours to Phnom Krom together with another guide.

Kunthea Chhoun - Bird Guide

Kunthea Chhoun – Senior Guide

Kunthea was born in Kampong Thom province, she moved to Siem Reap city with her family in 2006. Just started birding in 2012, yet Kunthea is a fast learner who has participated in so many activities for conservation and education projects as well as guiding for long itinerary she was promoted as one of the senior guides among the team since 2016. She has been guiding to all over the birding sites in Cambodia and met many great birdwatchers from over the world.

Besides being a bird guide, Kunthea is one of CBGA key persons, she coordinates the environmental education program and bird survey. Support local people to do conservation is her main purpose to keep the wilderness of nature.

More recently, Kunthea has been focusing on butterflies of Cambodia. Occasionally, she will go out into the field checking for butterflies and birds for her growing lists, and later on, she would happily share her work in a class at CBGA for others who interest. Kunthea likes meeting new people and traveling for vacation and improving her birding skill – been in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and South Korea.

Lean Huth - Senior Guide

Lean Huth – Senior Guide

Lean was born in the countryside about 60 km from Siem Reap and has moved to live the city since 2005 for education. He began his work as a bird guide in 2014 and since then enjoy traveling and become a fan for nature and wildlife conservation. He loves the vision and mission of CBGA and excited to be part of the team to promote ecotourism for wildlife conservation in Cambodia. He has been in a position working with many different local communities to develop eco-tourism services, and with local bird guides to improve the bird guiding and identification skills. He also in charge of CBGA activities like bird survey, site inspection, environmental education program, and bird club for students.

Lean has led many tours across Cambodia for small groups of individuals and big groups from international birding tour companies. He is flexible and great at communication, bird identification and problem-solving. Plus his confident manner makes all his clients enjoyed birding with him.

He likes traveling for birding to enrich his knowledge and experiences. He went for bird racing events a few time in Malaysia to Fraser’s Hill, Kuala Kubu Bharu, and Selangor. He also went birding with the team to Borneo and Thailand at Keang Krachan National Park.

Lean is now taking some courses to broaden his capacity. He has become a licensed temple guide after his training in October 2018 at University South-East Asia in for temple guiding, and a language course to speak another language – Mandarin,

Thea - Junior guide

Thea – Junior guide

Chanthea (Thea) lives in Siem Reap with his wife and 3 children. He became a bird guide since 2014 and dramatically improved his birding and guiding skill. So since late 2017, Thea has had enough confidence to take groups with multi-day trips visiting most of the birding as ease as his passion to meet people around the world showing them the great biodiversity and cultures, and also for himself to gain greater knowledge and experiences.

Thea is an enthusiastic and hardworking person, he concerns about nature and willing to support the wildlife conservation work, hoping for the increasing number of the critically endangered species, and for all generation to understand about the value of biodiversity for wildlife.

Beside bird guiding and driving, Thea participates in projects like bird survey, community capacity training, environmental education program, and still, he has managed his time to join all of CBGA classroom to strengthen his skills with bird identification.

Yeat Sean - Junior bird Guide

Yeat Sean – Junior Guide

SEAN Yeat grew up in Chikreng with a surrounding of birds and nature. He moved to Siem Reap for his studies and started his Bachelor degree in 2013, and then later interest in birding and became a bird guide since late 2015.

Graduated from the University of South-East Asia in TEEL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in 2017, he is friendly with good manner, and confidence to communicate well with clients while birding. He is passionate and ready to contribute to promoting ecotourism which he believes that it helps local communities and wildlife conservation in Cambodia.  Yeat has also participated in CBGA project’s activities like bird survey, site inspection, environmental education program, and bird club for students.

Beside of being a bird guide, he is also a temple guide to Angkor Wat for CBGA.

In his free time, aside birding with friends, he likes taking video of nature for his collection and work.

Chamnan Kour - CBGA bird guide

Chamnan Kour – Junior guide

KOUR Chamnan (Neay Phu) was born in the countryside of Siem Reap in 1993. Right before he joined conservation and birding team in June 2015 to help with conservation projects and remote communities inside the protected areas in Cambodia, Chamnan was a Buddhist monk for 7 years (2008-2015) studying for education and blessing others. He is a very passionate advocate for the wilderness too and always focus on inspiring and educating people about the wild and conservation through many ventures.

Joining CBGA has been one of nicest things to do for his love of education, bird watching, and wildlife conservation as his desire to preserve the wildlife on this planet for his children and future generations be able to see.

Chamnan is a smart friendly young man. After his first few years of experience in birding, he is confident to take day trips around Siem Reap with ease and earned great feedbacks from his clients. He once went on a 19-day birding tour around Cambodia in 2016 as an assistant to the leader and group. He has been trying hard with every training both in class and out to the field, as he is longing to become a tour leader in the near future.

Beside of guiding and training, Chamnan is actively supporting CBGA’s projects, such as Bird Survey, CBGA’s Young Bird Club, Guide Training, and Environmental Education Class.

Brakk Monh - Junior Guide

Brakk Monh – Junior Guide

Brakk lives in Siem Reap with his wife and two children. He has become a bird guide since 2015 together with his brother Pech. Brakk is a friendly person with his warm smile and manner. He enjoys taking people to the fields seeing the birds and nature. Birding give him the opportunity to travel further to every area in the country and made him aware of the needs to support wildlife conservation via CBGA’s eco-tour – which not only protect nature but also help local communities to a sustainable livelihood.

Beside of birdwatching, he often comes and joins the classes to learns more from the senior guides about plant, butterfly, dragonfly, and insect to enrich his knowledge,  and go to fields every now and then with his team both to practice his birding skill and see new species.

Sreymom Muth- CBGA junior guide

Sreymom Muth – Junior Guide

Sreymom participated in birding since 2015 after introducing by her friends. She once went on a 19-day birding tour around Cambodia in 2016 as an assistant to the leader and group. She has appreciated for new experiences after joining the birding group that being able to see so many birds and other wildlife in the country, while at the same time besides gaining her birding skill and knowledge she improves on confident to guide, showing people birds and nature.

Nowadays, Sreymom with support from her husband (Mogn Pech) is still working on birding guiding and enriching her knowledge of birds, butterfly, and plant, both in class and to the field. And she also involves in CBGA’s projects such as Environmental Education as one of the facilitators.

Pech Mogn - Guide & Office Staff

Pech Mogn – Guide & Office Staff

Pech was born and grew up in Siem Reap. He has a bachelor degree in Tourism Hospitality Management at Angkor University. He started bird guiding in Siem Reap since 2014. After his hardworking and quick learning, he was offered to work in the eastern plains (Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri) and then become an expert there for birding and trekking tour since 2016. His good manner, communication, and birding skill satisfied every his clients.  

Pech is committed to helping CBGA to care for wildlife, forest, and the environment. Besides going to field sometime for guiding, Pech is working in CBGA office in Siem Reap as an Ecotourism Coordinator to work on various training, coordinate communication with local communities, and especially the new project developing the Field Guide Cambodia Birds.

Pech is currently living with his wife (birder – Sreymom) and their daughter in Siem Reap. He travels every now and then to Mondulkiri for guiding while also visiting the site.

Srun (San Sikol) - Senior Guide & Office Staff

Srun – Senior Guide & Office Staff

Sikol San (Srun) is our senior guide and office staff. He started his job as a bird guide in 2010 and has guided so many tours around Cambodia for both individual birdwatchers and groups from international birding companies such as Field Guides, AVIFAUNA, Y.BIRD. He has been on work mission and birding trips to various countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Philippine, and England in 2017.

Srun is also active with all CBGA projects especially the Environmental Education Program and community development for ecotourism which he facilitates many pieces of training to communities in cooking, lodging, and guiding skill. All he does to support local people and save wildlife and ecotourism is his best theme to help him fulfill his work.

Nowadays, Srun and his wife (Kunthea) are learning to know more about the butterfly, dragonfly, plant, and orchid to enrich his knowledge of nature and wildlife. Together they often take their two children out to the field with the hope to become a birdwatcher family.

Nop Pisey - CBGA office staff

NOP Pisey – Office Staff

Pisey has been working in ecotourism started from a reservation office to a travel consultant and booking manager at CBGA. She is the main person to respond tour inquiries promptly and manage to get tours information passed on to both guides and clients, with her passion to help tourists get the best experience and to support the wildlife conservation.

She dreams of saving the remaining nature resource of Cambodia by sharing all her knowledge and experiences through environmental education to the young generation and help the local communities with an alternative livelihood.

Pisey is original from Takeo Province and moved to Siem Reap in 2011. She graduated Bachelor Degree in Faculty of Tourism Management in 2015.

You can reach Pisey at [email protected]birdguideasso.org

Seng Raksa - CBGA staff

Raksa – Office Staff

Raksa (SENG Muyhour) was born in Phnom Penh and moved to Siem Reap in 2003 with her family. She first started working in the hotel industry and then in 2007, she joined in the ecotourism sector which she likes as because working in this kind of ecotourism she could contribute to support wildlife conservation and improve local communities’ livelihood and so on for very good deeds. Seeing local people could earn more income and have a better life in their communities becomes one of the biggest motivation. She hopes people pay more attention to wildlife and natural environment and does not let the wildlife in danger, so it is still there for people in the next generations to see.

Raksa is friendly and always available to help people who need assistance from her deepest heart. For the last 10 years, she has been doing her career as a bookings manager and travel consultant, to arrange birdwatching for individuals and groups. At CBGA she is working more on a role for sales and marketing to get more and more people to visit great places of Cambodia and see this country’s rich wildlife heritage.

For free time, besides her work and university study, she likes reading and goes sightseeing with her family and friends at Angkor Wat temples and forests.

Raksa can be contacted at [email protected]

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