Prohm Chanthea, Thea - CBGA bird guide in Siem Reap
Prohm - CBGA bird guide

PROHM Chanthea (Thea)

Field Guide

Chanthea (Thea) lives in Siem Reap with his wife and 3 children. He became a bird guide since 2014 and dramatically improved his birding and guiding skill. So since late 2017, Thea has had enough confidence to take groups with multi-day trips visiting most of the birding as ease as his passion to meet people around the world showing them the great biodiversity and cultures, and also for himself to gain greater knowledge and experiences.

Thea is an enthusiastic and hardworking person, he concerns about nature and willing to support the wildlife conservation work, hoping for the increasing number of the critically endangered species, and for all generation to understand about the value of biodiversity for wildlife.

Beside bird guiding and driving, Thea participates in projects like bird survey, community capacity training, environmental education program, and still, he has managed his time to join all of CBGA classroom to strengthen his skills with bird identification.

Prohm Chanthea, Thea - CBGA bird guide in Siem Reap

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