Asia Youth Leader Conference

Joining 1st Asian Youth Leader Conference at Busan

It is a great honor for Cambodia Bird Guide Association and the collaborative student of Suvannaphumi to participate in 1st Asia Youth Leader Conference at Busan. The event was held on 07-10 August 2018 Upo Wetland [EAAF096], Changnyeong, Republic of Korea, organized by Gyeongsangnamdo Ramsar Environmental Foundation (GREF) and sponsored by the EAAFP.

This conference is for students all around the world to gather and share their activities to conserve the environment, particularly wetland and wildlife in school. 44 students in total – 1 from Cambodia, 2 from Taiwan, 3 from Japan, 38 from Republic of Korea – participated in the conference aims to sharing their knowledge to other people, help to keep wild and nature habitat and protect wildlife, promote the environmental protection of birds by encouraging birdwatching and responsible ecotourism activities.

Student from Sovannapumi School present about Tonle Sap, waterbirds

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