Nara Duong - CBGA senior bird guide
Nara Duong - CBGA Tour Leader


Tour Leader / Senior Guide

Nara Duong is one of our senior bird watchers and guides. He grew up in a rural area of Siem Reap and became active as a guide in 2007. He has led tours for a number of birding groups, including: BirdQuest, Wings, Vent, Avifauna, amongst others.  With 12 years of experience in the field, he is able to identify almost all birds by their call or song.

Nara loves birding, travelling, meeting people, and leading tours to see the wonders of the Cambodian countryside. He also coordinates the bird call and mammal identification class for CBGA. He has personally identified over 500 of Cambodia’s 620 bird species.

Nara Duong - CBGA senior bird guide

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