Sophal CHEN - Guide Naran - birding guide in Cambodia
Sophal CHEN (Naran) senior guide and co-founder

Naran (CHEN Sophal)

Senior Guide / Co-founder

Sophal CHEN known as Naran – a senior guide and co-founder of CBGA.

Naran was born and grew up in Siem Reap province. He joined the conservation group in 2012 as a bird guide and since then found it very interesting and enjoyable. Joining CBGA give him the chance to continue his support to wildlife conservation and for the local people living in the protected areas for alternative livelihood, while having a fun time taking birdwatchers around in the country to see the rare birds.

After many years of guiding and got quite many trips with bird photographers, Naran has grown his interest also in bird photography which he now also has his own photo album of birds in Cambodia.

Nowadays Naran is living in Siem Reap with his wife and their son, with their house close to Angkor Wat temple 7km from Siem Reap town. Beside of guiding Naran sometimes works as a driver for CBGA’s tours to Phnom Krom together with another guide.

Chen Sophal (Naran) senior guide and co-founder of CBGA

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