Nop Pisey - CBGA staff, birding tour operator
Nop Pisey - CBGA staff

NOP Pisey

Office Staff – Bookings Manager

Pisey Nop (Phoempovpisey Nop) is our travel and tour booking manager.  She is originally from Takeo Province but moved to Siem Reap in 2011. She has a Bachelor Degree in Tourism Management which was obtained at Build Bright University in 2015.

She endeavours to help protect the natural world, sharing her knowledge and experiences through environmental education.  Working to promote sustainable livelihoods in local communities and encourage Cambodia’s next generation to preserve the natural world.

If you contact us with a travel or tour itinerary request, Pisey is the person most likely to respond to your message. She works hard to ensure a quick response and smooth flow of information between our customers, the office and our guides.

You can reach Pisey at [email protected]

Nop Pisey - CBGA staff, birding tour operator

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