Conservation Projects

Responsible Tourism Promoting Local Livelihoods

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CBGA actively promotes community-based eco-tourism. We facilitate access to remote villages and encourage community participation in the decision-making process and the management of such enterprises. With this kind of initiative, we can improve and sustain a way of life for people inside the protected areas.

We believe this kind of responsible tourism, running alongside our conservation and education programs, is the best way to preserve the Cambodian countryside.  This contributes to a sustainable existence for people living in the conservation areas. It also allows us to the opportunity to collect information and monitor any changes to the local environment.

What we have done

  • Support local communities in setting up eco-tourism sites
  • Provide a site study and survey for birds and wildlife
  • Promote and develop sustainable eco-tourism in local villages
  • Train local communities in tourism services such as cooking, housekeeping and local guiding
  • Advise local people on managing their finances, in relation to running an eco-tourism venture
  • Support the community in building eco-lodges and other infrastructure
  • Taking tourists to visit these communities
with local community at Okoki

Conservation Work

Bengal Florican

At CBGA one of our main aims is to conserve Cambodia’s wildlife and natural environment for future generations.  We play a key role in helping to protect natural habitat and sustaining bird and wildlife. By reconnecting people to the natural world, we hope they can rediscover a part of them which has become lost in everyday life.

What we have done

  • Funding the nest protection project for the Giant Ibis
  • Funding to build a dam to retain water for wildlife in the dry season.
  • Funding the feeding program for some key species
  • Funding a communication tower, for use by park rangers, in Preah Vihear Province
  • Conducting a bird  and wildlife biodiversity assessment
  • Annual participation in the Global Big Day and Big Sit, events
  • Organising the Cambodia Bird Fair
Donation for bird nest protection at Tmatboey

Environmental Education Program (EEP)

Environmental Education Program

CBGA distributes educational material and teaches conservation to the public on an ongoing basis. Our resources include a library and material promoting ‘best practice’ for delivering environmental protection. We provide life skills training and promote awareness of the ecosystems which sustain local wildlife.

What we have done

  • Classes in conservation given to 550 students at Sovanaphumi school (2017-18)
  • Joined the plastic-free project
  • Set-up a Cambodia Bird Club
  • Organsied Bird Race

environmental education program at Sovannapumi School (Siem Reap)
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