pond modified and restoration in Tmatboey

Positive Result of Natural Pond Modification in Tmatboey

This video shows the best result we received now (May 2020), after the pond modification project that we did in May 2019 in Tmatboey. Confirmed by Mr. Dep Kim Oun, Tmatboey community chief.

Pond restoration is a crucial tool to draw back the ecological value and functions supporting daily survival of two critically endangered ibises and other key bird species in this dry forest landscape. Pond deepening by employing local man powers has met two ways benefits flow to nature and local livelihood at the same time.

This pond restoration helps to:

• Increase forage territory, accessible feeding ground and period for giant Ibis and white- shouldered Ibis and other wildlife by extending water holding capacity of some key ponds in Kulen Promtep Wildlife Sanctuary for year-round.

• Raise local community livelihood and knowledge on birds/wildlife conservation by involving with ponds deepening scheme.

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