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SENG Raksa

SENG Muyhour (Raksa)

Office Staff

SENG Muyhour (Raksa) was born in Phnom Penh and moved to Siem Reap in 2003 with her family. She first started working in the hotel industry and then in 2007, she joined in the ecotourism sector which she likes as because working in this kind of ecotourism she could contribute to support wildlife conservation and improve local communities’ livelihood and so on for very good deeds. Seeing local people could earn more income and have a better life in their communities becomes one of the biggest motivation. She hopes people pay more attention to wildlife and natural environment and does not let the wildlife in danger, so it is still there for people in the next generations to see.

Raksa is friendly and always available to help people who need assistance from her deepest heart. For the last 10 years, she has been doing her career as a bookings manager and travel consultant, to arrange birdwatching for individuals and groups. At CBGA she is working more on a role for sales and marketing to get more and more people to visit great places of Cambodia and see this country’s rich wildlife heritage.

For free time, besides her work and university study, she likes reading and goes sightseeing with her family and friends at Angkor Wat temples and forests.

Raksa can be contacted at

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