Slender-billed-Vulture, Gyps tenuirostris

Slender-billed Vulture


Gyps tenuirostris

Identification: 77–103 cm; wingspan 196–258 cm. Medium-sized vulture (minimum wing length 590 mm versus 560 mm) and with a slimmer neck, thinner bill, more angular crown, darker head, and neck lacking whitish down, darker dorsum and darker bill that is pale only on culmen។

Habitat:  Occurs in open country and partially wooded areas in lowlands and foothills to c. 1500 m elevation; often found near villages and slaughterhouses.

Food & Feeding: An obligate carrion-feeder, feeding on cattle and other livestock, wild ungulates and human corpses; also scavenges at rubbish dumps.

Breeding: Little published information. Breeds from Oct–Mar. Builds compact nest of sticks 60–90 cm across, 35–50 cm deep, 7–15 m off ground in large tree; nests solitarily, sometimes near village. Clutch 1 egg; incubation period c. 50 days. In Cambodia, 31 nests followed from 2006–2011.

Population: Considerable confusion over the taxonomy and identification of Gyps vultures has occurred, making it difficult to be sure of the population size. It is considered likely to number 1,000-2,499 mature individuals, equating to 1,500-3,750 individuals in total.

Site: Boeng Toal Vulture Restaurant

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