Sophoan Sanh - CBGA, Cambodia birding, Tour Leader
Sophoan Sanh - CBGA Tour Leader

SANH Sophoan (So)

Tour Leader / Senior Guide / Temple Guide

Sophoan SANH (So) is a senior guide, tour leader and temple guide. So was born in Pursat and moved to Siem Reap at an early age. She has guided birding tours since 2006 and is one of the most experienced bird guides in Cambodia. Over many years she has developed the ability to quickly spot and identify a large number of bird species.

Sophoan is well travelled as a guide and often takes birding tours to other countries, especially in Southeast Asia. She has previously worked as a guide for companies such as  Albatros, Birdquest, Rockjumper, Zoothera, Wings and amongst others. She is also active in many other CBGA projects, in particular with the environmental education program. In addition to her vast knowledge of birds, she has also developed a strong interested in Dragonflies.

Sophoan Sanh - CBGA, Cambodia birding, Tour Leader

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