Sikol San (Srun) - CBGA field guide and staff
Sikol San (Srun) - CBGA field guide and staff

SAN Sikol (Srun)

Senior Guide / Office Staff

Srun (San Sikol) is a senior guide and a key member of our office staff. He started working as a bird watching guide in 2010 and has taken many tours, with both individuals and groups, across Cambodia.  He has worked with international birding organisations such as Field Guides, AVIFAUNA and Y.BIRD, and has travelled on birding missions to countries including: Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, The Philippines, Great Britain and most recently Taiwan.

Srun is particularly active with CBGA’s environmental education and community development programs. Through this work, he is able to pass on his conservation knowledge to local communities. His aim to support and educate local people, in looking after the natural world.

Srun and his wife Kunthea (another one of our team), are also studying butterflies, dragonflies, plants, orchids and developing a more holistic understanding of Cambodia’s ecosystem.

Srun (San Sikol) - Senior Guide & Office Staff

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