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CBGA birdwatching destinations are in remote areas where unique courses of action must be made and paid for ahead of time of our treks with the neighborhood networks to provide food for our customers paying little heed to cancelation.

CBGA trip request is likewise extremely convenient on events using the majority of our aides from the end of November through to end of June, scratch-off of treks amid this period can prompt a noteworthy loss of wage for CBGA constraining our help for the preservation of the locales we visit.

These 2 factors require us to actualize the wiping out strategy portrayed underneath and/or if the installment isn’t gotten as determined offer the dates to different customers.

If it’s not too much trouble note it is fundamental that customers have medical coverage and we unequivocally suggest a general travel strategy covering cancelation of visits.


Your trip package has been valued in view of your requested destinations and dates. Costs are liable to change until the point that full installment is gotten. Costs that are cited incorporate all expenses and charges except if we exhort something else.


Please print or keep an electronic copy of your receipt to present to the CBGA reservation team if necessary.


We would request that you precisely check the data and dates on your receipt and schedule, and to get in touch with us quickly if these are not right.





Our Commitment to You

Cambodia Bird Guide Association (CBGA) will shield the secrecy and security of the data we acquire from you. This notice depicts our security approach as it identifies with the accumulation, assurance and divulgence of such data coming about because of credit card transactions only.

Collection of Information

CBGA will collect and use information obtained from credit card transactions only for business purposes. These business purposes include the payment of purchased trips or tours.

Protecting Your Credit Card Information

The credit card information provided by you to CBGA will be stored in a confidential manner. Our employees may access such information only when there is an appropriate business reason to do so, such as when a refund must be issued back to the credit card. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information, and our employees are required to follow these privacy standards.

Disclosure of Your Information

CBGA does not disclose any nonpublic information (such as credit card number and their expiration dates) about our customers or former customers to anyone, except as required by law. We disclose information only when it is necessary for the conduct of CBGA or government business, or under circumstances where disclosure is required by law. Information may also be disclosed for audit purposes, to regulatory agencies or for other general administrative services. We do not disclose information about you to other entities which may want to sell their products to you.

D. Cancellation and refunds

If notice of cancellation is received more than 30 days before departure, the deposit less $100 per person is refundable.

In both instances, the balance of the deposit can be transferred to a new booking for another specified tour scheduled to depart within 12 months of the start date of the original tour. Should you have to cancel from that second tour the original deposit cannot be transferred to a second time and becomes non-refundable.

If notice of cancellation is received less than 30 days from departure, neither the deposit nor most of the balance of the tour costs can be refunded. We cannot refund inseparable costs such as those for ground transportation, leader’s expenses or other fixed-cost services. In most cases, the refundable portion will be less than 50% and may be zero.

Travel insurance protects you against the risk of loss due to cancellation for medical and other unavoidable reasons (see below).

We reserve the right to cancel any tour or tour extension for which there are insufficient reservations – normally 60 days before the departure date but sometimes longer. Please note that, although unlikely, this could occur after the final invoices have been sent out if the tour is running on small numbers and if someone cancels just before the 60-day deadline. In case of cancellation, all deposits and other payments will be refunded. Please also note that the cancellation of a tour’s pre-tour or post-tour extension does not alter your rights or obligations with respect to the main portion of the same tour.


The tour price includes all travel as noted in the itinerary. The following items are not included in the tour price: travel insurance, passport costs, visas, immunizations, excess baggage charges, optional excursions, telephone calls, drinks, laundry, room service, snacks and anything of a purely personal nature. If you have any questions about the inclusion of any item, please contact us.


Tipping is not included in your tour fee. For exceptional service, it is entirely appropriate to tip. We emphasize that such tips as a reflection of your appreciation are optional and not expected.


If the named leader is suddenly unavailable to lead the tour due to unexpected illness etc, we will do our utmost to find a suitable replacement. While a change of leader may be grounds for cancellation, please note that if this happens after a date 70 days before departure, some or all of the income from your booking may be needed to ensure the tour continues to run. In addition, we cannot guarantee that we can retrieve funds paid on your behalf to the ground agent, who will, in turn, may have already paid for services such as hotels etc. In these circumstances we may not be able to make a full refund should you decide to cancel.


Tour Information notes about your tour will be sent to you with confirmation of your booking. These will contain all the necessary information about passports, visas, and health requirements as well as details covering climate, clothing, recommended reading, etc. A bird list will also be sent to you.

I. ACCOMMODATION – Single Rooms:

We have been receiving many requests for single rooms. Unfortunately, some hotels are unwilling to guarantee more than a few single rooms until quite close to the tour departure date, when they can be sure that they have rooms to spare. Some hotels will never give more singles than twins; a requirement that has occurred on several recent tours. Participants should be aware that while we will do our utmost to secure sufficient single rooms this may not always be possible, and you might occasionally be asked to share. A refund of the single room supplement in proportion to the number of shared nights would, of course, be made.

Please note that if you are traveling singly, and want to share a room, we will try to pair you up with another participant who also wishes to share. However, if there is no other single person on the tour who wants to share, we will have to charge you the single room supplement.


Travel Insurance is essential these days and we insist that suitable cover is effected as soon as you book your tour. This will ensure that necessary protection is provided against loss of deposits that you would incur, as detailed in our terms and conditions. In addition, medical costs that might be incurred, should you fall ill during the tour, can be so high as to make it foolhardy to travel without such cover.


Restrictions on participation are a matter of common sense and we have no absolute ones. Our tours do not normally require strenuous physical exercise, but if it cannot be avoided this is made clear in the brochure description. Participants should be able to complete gentle walks of up to half-a-day’s duration and to meet the simple schedule of the tour. If you have a health problem or other physical limitation, please advise us in detail and in writing.


Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of your tour please inform the leader straight away. If the leader is unable to solve the problem to your satisfaction please inform the CBGA office in writing as soon as you return home.


This policy details the information we collect from you and what we do with it. This is information collected when you have just requested a brochure, requested to be added to our mailing list, or if you have booked on a tour.


When you contact us to request a brochure, either by phone, email or in person at events such as the Bird Fair, we keep a note of your name and email address if supplied.

If you subsequently book on a tour, we additionally keep a record of your gender, passport details (date of issue, date of expiry, your date of birth), any dietary or other travel requirements, health issues or special needs you wish to make us aware of, your preferred contact in the event of an emergency, your phone number and mobile phone number, and fax number if supplied. We also keep a record of which tours you have traveled on for the purposes of our Loyalty Discount Scheme. We also record the date that you contacted us and, if we have that information, how you first came to CBGA.

We do not use ‘cookies’ on our website or store any information on what use you have made of our website.  We do not record or store any financial information such as bank account or credit card details.


We will from time to time send you print or email newsletters and our annual brochure.  We also circulate a list of everyone taking part on the tour to everyone else on the tour. This list contains an abbreviated physical address and your email address. We ask you at the time of booking if we can do this or if you prefer not to have your email address included. Your tour leader is also sent a copy of your passport details and information on any dietary or health issues to assist him with the running of the tour.


We do not send or sell your data to any outside bodies or organizations for marketing or other purposes, other than to airlines, hotels and ground agents related to any tour you may have booked on as described above.



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