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White-rumped-Falcon at Koh Ker forest
Birding at Koh Ker Beng Mealea for White-rumped Falcon

With Koh Ker, we visit Remote Temples & Birding at Dry Dipterocarp Forest. This trip offers a chance to combine seeing the remote temple Koh Ker with birdwatching in the dry Dipterocarp forest for the White-rumped Pygmy Falcon and many more. These ancient temples are set in a semi-green forest, which is a natural habitat for bird and wildlife. This forest walk will take us to the Koh Ker the pyramid temple and many other temples in the area.

Bird species at Koh Ker:

We will be on the lookout for the White-rumped Pygmy-falcon, Rufous-winged Buzzard, Collared Falconet, Indochinese Bushlark, Velvet-fronted and Neglected Nuthatch, Hainan Blue Flycatcher, White-throated Rock Thrush and 8 species of woodpeckers. Over 150 bird species have been recorded in this area, while about 60 of them are often seen during a day trip. See Koh Ker Beng Mealea birds checklist here


Typical Itinerary for Koh Ker Beng Mealea:

Day trip from Siem Reap to Koh Ker DDF forest for birdwatching and visit remote temples

  • 5.30am CBGA bird guide and a driver in an air-conditioning vehicle will pick you up from your Siem Reap hotel. About 2 hours driving north to Koh Ker for our morning birding.
  • Along the way, before reaching Koh Ker we will make some few stops when spotting good birds like White-rumped Pygmy Falcon, Collared Falconet and at the same time we will also enjoy our breakfast packs.
  • We shall spend the whole morning birding and as well as visiting Koh Ker temples—Prasat Thom (the Pyramid temple), Prasat Pram, etc.
  • Lunch is at a local restaurant in front of the temple.
  • We do another afternoon birding for more bird species before travelling back to Siem Reap.
  • On the way back, the group can have a chance to visit the jungle temple – Beng Mealea (Angkor Pass required) where we would spend about 1 hour exploring before arriving at your Siem Reap hotel by 5 pm.

What to expect:

  • Our expert guide with our driver will pick you up from your hotel lobby at 5.30am, as early as we can so we get the most of the morning time which is best for the birds. We will arrive back in Siem Reap around 5 pm or early or later depends on your interest in the tour.  We can either take you back to your hotel or to another destination of your choice in town.
  • Breakfast is provided by CBGA with a croissant, two slides of cereal bread with butter and jam, some fresh fruit, and coffee or tea. Please do if you may wanna pack breakfast also from your hotel.
  • Other things to bring: hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and insect repellent.
  • CBGA will provide drinking water in a big container to refill, so we request you to bring your own water bottle from home or from your hotel. It is our campaign to reduce plastic waste.

Below is just a fun video from a field trip for our guide to check Koh Ker Beng Mealea before the tourists come

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