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Tour Guide: Kratie

Kratie – Mekong Wagtail & Irrawaddy Dolphin Boat Trip

Kratie is considered one of the must-see places in north-eastern Cambodia. We will be travelling by boat along the Mekong River, hopefully, accompanied some Irrawaddy River Dolphins. Then upstream to the islands, to look for the recently described Mekong Wagtail (Motacilla Samveasnae).

There are two birding hotspots around Kratie town.  One site is in the small marshes, where we would expect to see large numbers of weavers including Asian Golden and Streaked Weaver, as well as other wetland birds. The other site is at Kampi. Here (on day 2 of our journey) we will travel by boat along the Mekong River, searching for the Mekong Wagtail which is restricted to channel island habitats. Along the way, we should see some more Irrawaddy River Dolphins.



Mekong Wagtail, Small Pratincole, Asian Golden Weaver, Grey-throated Sand-martin, Rudy-breasted Crake, White-browed Crake, Plain-backed Sparrow, and the Irrawaddy Dolphin.

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We normally stay in a simple hotel in Kratie town, near the Mekong river



We often arrive in Kratie town, late afternoon, after a journey from the northern plains. After visiting Kratie, we often can travel on to a number of other destinations including: Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary (in the Eastern Plains), Phnom Penh or Siem Reap.



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