Phnom Aural

Cambodian Laughingthrush
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Phnom Aural – Home to the Cambodian Laughingthrush 

Phnom Aural, in the Cardamon Mountains, is the highest peak in Cambodia. It lies 1813 meters above sea level. Its location in the southern plains is a bit off the beaten track and offers a great opportunity to see some really interesting species that are not seen in other parts of Cambodia.

The evergreen Aural forest is home to the Cambodian Laughingthrush (one of the two endemic bird species in Cambodia) and many other rare birds, who live at this high elevation. This site is difficult to access and requires a long 6-hour climb, from the base in Srekenbei village.



Phnom Aural supports a number of species including: Cambodian Laughingthrush, Chestnut-headed Partridge, Green Cochoa, Silver-breasted Broadbill, Long-tailed Broadbill, Blue Pitta, Great Hornbill, Wreathed Hornbill, White-tailed Robin, Coral-billed Ground-Cuckoo, Blyth’s Shrike-babbler,  Mountain Scops-owl etc. About 200 bird species have been recorded here.

Aural Bird Checklist



A typical trip to Phnom Aural is usually done by staying in a local homestay, at  Srekenbei village, on the first night. We then do two nights camping, in hammocks, on  Aural Mountain.

Since there no people living on Mount Aural, rangers and porters from the village are required to accompany the group and to transport food supplies and camping equipment. Visitors are required to be fit and in good health for this journey. We recommend making the climb as light as possible, leaving all the unnecessary clothing and equipment behind in the vehicle, at a nearby village.


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