bird guide Mornh Brak


Brakk MOGN

Brakk lives in Siem Reap with his wife and two children. He has become a bird guide since 2015 together with his brother Pech. Brakk is a friendly person with his warm smile and manner. He enjoys taking people to the fields seeing the birds and nature. Birding give him the opportunity to travel further to every area in the country and made him aware of the needs to support wildlife conservation via CBGA’s eco-tour – which not only protect nature but also help local communities to a sustainable livelihood.

Beside of birdwatching, he often comes and joins the classes to learns more from the senior guides about plant, butterfly, dragonfly, and insect to enrich his knowledge,  and go to fields every now and then with his team both to practice his birding skill and see new species.