bird guide Pech Mogn


Pech was born and grew up in Siem Reap. He has a bachelor degree in Tourism Hospitality Management at Angkor University. He started bird guiding in Siem Reap since 2014. After his hardworking and quick learning, he was offered to work in the eastern plains (Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary, Mondulkiri) and then become an expert there for birding and trekking tour since 2016. His good manner, communication, and birding skill satisfied every his clients.  

Pech is committed to helping CBGA to care for wildlife, forest, and the environment. Besides going to field sometime for guiding, Pech is working in CBGA office in Siem Reap as an Ecotourism Coordinator to work on various training, coordinate communication with local communities, and especially the new project developing the Field Guide Cambodia Birds.

Pech is currently living with his wife (birder – Sreymom) and their daughter in Siem Reap. He travels every now and then to Mondulkiri for guiding while also visiting the site.