professional bird guide in Cambodia - Sophoan Sanh (SO)

SANH Sophoan (SO)

Sophoan (So) was born in Pursat and moved to Siem Reap at an early age. She has guided birding tours since 2006 and is known so far as one of the best bird guides for Cambodia.

She is superb to quickly spot and identify the birds and is very capable to work very well with her birder clients. She used to work as the local guide for many companies such as  Albatros, Birdquest, Rockjumper, Zoothera, wings, etc. Apart from birds, she is also interested in Dragonflies.

Like meeting people and taking them to see birds and nature, Sophoan often travels to other countries especially in Southeast Asia to do birding. This is also making strengthen her capability to also take bird guiding tours to those countries.

Beside of bird and temple guiding, Sophoan is actively joined in all of CBGA projects especially the Environmental Education Program and bird guide training both in class and to the field.