bird and temple guide Sean Yeat


Yeat grew up in Chikreng with a surrounding of birds and nature. He moved to Siem Reap for his studies and started his Bachelor degree in 2013, and then later interest in birding and became a bird guide since late 2015.

Graduated from the University of South-East Asia in TEEL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) in 2017, he is friendly with good manner, and a confidence to communicate well with clients while birding. He is passionate and ready to contribute to promoting ecotourism which he believes that it helps local communities and wildlife conservation in Cambodia.  Yeat has also participated in CBGA project’s activities like bird survey, site inspection, environmental education program, and bird club for students.

Beside of being a bird guide, he is also a temple guide to Angkor Wat for CBGA.

In his free time, aside birding with friends, he likes taking video of nature for his collection and work.