White-winged Duck

White-winged Duck

Asarcornis scutulata


Conservation status: Endangered (EN) by IUCN Red List

Identification:  size: 66-81 cm,

Male: 2.2-4.3kg

Female: 1.7-3.6kg

Range: India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sumatra.

Habitat: Tropical forest species, inhabiting undisturbed forest pool, marshes, freshwater and peat swamp forest.

Food and Feeding: Seeds and green parts of various aquatic plants, rice molluscs, insect, small vertebrate fish. Sometimes feed at night, 57% feed in the morning, 35% feed in evening and rest of time rest and preening, occasionally with family.

Breeding:  On big tree 3-23m above ground, clutches 6-15 eggs, incubation 33-35 days by female alone.  Male beside. In captivity, a female could breed at 12months of age, male up 2year.  Life spend of captivity birds, female up 12 years and to male 10 years.

Sighting: Usually found in the Northern Plain of Cambodia near the Laos border – Okoki


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